I need some tips for Infinity Slayer...

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Lately, I've been doing terrible in Infinity Slayer. As in, I rarely even go positive. But, whenever I play SWAT, I typically get 25+ kills, so it's not a problem with my headshotting abilities. Anyone having similar problems? And what might I be doing wrong?

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im not sure what your problem is as i dont know how you preform in matches. but a common problem between swat and slayer is your focus.  in swat you can notice someone and instantly deal with the problem.  but in slayer a fight could go on for nearly 5 times as long, longer still he if flees or delays his death.  the main thing is dont give chase, dont focus on a single player or a single objective or you will die....ALOT.  adapt as the situation changes. if someone runs then he clearly doesnt want to fight you right there.  take it as a chance to advance into a more tactical location unless you know you have the match.  also if your dying in 2v1 fights often follow around a random scrub on your team.  he shall be your meatshield as he mindlessly walks into combat giving you a chance to kill those killing him. this strategy can pull off double or triple kills quite often if lucky and skilled.

i hope my tips help, good hunting.