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Why more people don't use the plasma pistol in multi... Every game it seems I'm the only one using it to take down warthogs/mantis/ghosts... Theres always a ton of people trying to take down a mantis with their DMR/BR. Do any of you guys use it? 

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Everyone says it sucks. But i been using it on my last loadouts especially to take down vehicles. They say it doesnt home in on people like it should. But it works fine if you actual have your reticle lined up on them on red
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Agreed. I supose it will have a hard time locking on if their going by real fast... But most of the time their comming right at me so it works just fine. ;) lol

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I totally agree! But more takedowns for us I guess! It makes me feel so good to emp a banshee who just killed me and skyjack him and subsequently splatter him. They all probably think I am a huge doosh and get pissed off hahaha.
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I remember playing with my friends on previous Halo games and i would always grab the plasma pistol when enemies hopped in a vehicle and i would shut them down and they were like WHAT i didn't know it did that! I do agree it doesn't home in on enemies as well, in campaign i frequently miss enemies when trying to use it. In MP its useful on vehicles but other than that i avoid it.

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I use it in my second loadout because its my primary one and i need to defend against vehicles, though about 10 times i've EMP'd a ghost and it still killed my arse