Halo4 is the fourth installment?

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Are they kidding when they say that "Halo 4 is the fourth installment in the Halo series"? Did I miss something here or did they completely forget about ODST, Wars, and Reach?? Somebody please explain their math to me because it makes no god damn sense to me!!!!
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When they say "Halo series" they are only including games in the major story arc - the ones with John 117 (the Master Chief) as the main character. ODST, Wars, and Reach were more like side stories and were not part of the Halo trilogy.
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Halo ODST was a side story that took place DURING events in Halo 2/3 (been a while since i played; memory is fuzzy)


Halo Reach is a prequel to all the events of Halo 1-3


and halo wars is just a spinoff (and also set before the events of the original trilogy if i remember correctly)

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Besides Halo Reach, actually didn't "happen". According to the books, the pillar of autumn was never in the surface, Halsey didn't know yet about Spartans III, Master Chief was in a mision in Gama Station (Condemned map) where he losed his closed friends. And Cortana wasn't suppoused to be "half" with Chief and "half" with Halsey in that undergound facility.... For all we know Halo Reach, never happened, not like the game show us. Because then, they already spoil us the end of the new saga. With Reach beign re-colonized in the end of the game several decades in the future...
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Does it really matter? don't think there's a need to make a discussion about it. We all know how many games have been made...