Halo getting lonely for me

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Hey looking for a fun group of guys or gals that use their mics both for jokes and fun, and to help the team win.


I used to have an awesome group of playing a few years ago on reach, mostly they sucked at the game but I did well enough to keep us on the winning side, but they were so fun to chat with, I was sad when they decided to block me because I joking said how much they really sucka the game but didn't mind since we still won...was kinda sudden and really effected my experience, and wish I was nicer too them even though they had like negative 15 or more tousand deaths than kills...so yeah looking for a team thats fun to play with, at least tries to win, but I am not demanding super skilled players just players that are too tired of having no one to talk online with.


I mostly play reach anymore I dont really like halo 4 but will play it if thats what you play.


Darth Bane001 please send me a message and we can get started on making halo fun again!

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Well **** you guys.