Halo 4 frame rate problems

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So far I have tested this on 2 xboxs one new one and one old one. If anyone out there actually plays splitscreen like me, they might notice this. If you play splitscreen online, especially with 4 player splitscreen it is unplayable. I noticed on 2 player splitscreen the frame rate is reasonable on smaller map and less people in the game but 4 player splitscreen isn't even playable on this limited option. Does anybody know when this will be fixed? I hear the excuse that the xbox is old and blah blah blah... but they knew what the specs of the xbox was before they released the game. They should have tested the frame rate on demanding portions of the game. They should have lowered the quality of the graphics in split screen, its plain and simple. I want a game any day that works over one that has better graphics. What was 343 thinking???? Online split screen is really the only reason I play halo.