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While I am sure many have asked this same question, i figure i may as well give it a shot. I am looking for anyone who enjoys spartan ops and campaign in halo 4 and enjoy a slight challenge such as playing on legendary with five or more skulls on. I enjoy doing this but at times while on my own it is rather boring and i am hoping to find others who enjoy the challenge. This is a request for COOPERATIVE PARTNERS, so please don't message me if you intend to get angry over stolen kills or other issues like that because we are a TEAM, and i hope you know what letter is not in that word. I am not a serious player mind you, i aim to have fun, so just message me if you wish too as well. The last thing i would like is for you too at least have a mic and some level of maturity which, from what i see among others my age (18 years old), is rapidly dying. Swearing is okay and you don't necessarily have to be good to play with me, just have some patience and a good sense of humor and I'm sure we can get along. Message me with your gamer tag and i will respond on Xbox when i check this and get online, Thank you for looking at this and i hope to see you online. (P.S. Before you ask, my user name is from a pet that passed away a while ago)
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Might find stuff here:

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I'll be sure to take a look, thank you.
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Jpstayclean7 hit me up im down