Can't save progress

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Started a new campaign today, but I can't seem to save my progress.  I keep getting an error message stating I don't have enough data on my device. I have plenty of space on both my HDD and flash drive. My 360 is also not connected to the internet could that be a problem? 

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They've really messed up the save feature for the campaign. I have not had the exact issue that you are having, but I have not been able to pickup where I left off. Halo 4 campaign doesnt save the way we are used to with the other Halo games. Here is what you need to do if you want to play your saved progress. Log into Halo 4. 

Select campaign.
Click on mission ( first box on the left hand side)
( tells you where you last left off under MIssion (ex. Forerunner aka rally point-delta)
scroll all the way down to the last option (ex. forerunner)

hit A
repeat -scroll all the way down select last option (ex. rally point-delta)

hit a
then go select yes for continue if the window pops up)
then your screen takes you back to start campaign, hit start and should now take you back to your last save point.

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Game doesn't let me save when my profile is offline. I had to create another user profile to play the game.

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I am assuming you are talking about save issues in campaign (solo) mode. What about if you are playing the campaign (co-op) mode. Can you do something similar to get back to where you left off? I have been playing in the co-op mode with my son and suffice to say we are both very frustrated with the whole save issue. It's not like they had to re-invent the wheel. All the programmers needed to do was stick with the status quo. Such a cool game on so many levels but this save oversight is hard to comprehend. An epic game like this needs a proper save function. It would be nice to get through the game whilst getting some sleep along the way.