This is like trying to nourish yourself with saltwater

User Rating: 5 | Halo 3 X360
This game is much like Spiderman 3. It is similar in the sense on the surface, this is an epic event. Completely EPIC, a wonder of the ages; you may be entertained; but, after you play it once, it's like "uhh why do people like this garbage?" This game is the most over-hyped thing I've seen since the iphone, but this is even more over-hyped/overrated than the iphone. Let's stop the rant and get on to the reviewing:The game has a decent menu, everything looks nice and appealing. Single player,legendary, only way to go. Play the game: lot's of cool and new innovations! wait,no that was the first Halo. The sound is mediocre. The new control scheme is lame. The vehicles aren't as fun to go around in (they also changed the banshee's maneuvering capabilities for the worse), the sound is better in regards to the vehicles though (screeching tires,etc). This is the same worn out, recycled level design. Today's standard vs 2001 standard in regards to level design, winner by far= Halo:Combat Evolved. This game's levels seem to be smaller (open areas,free-ranging combat), that or today's standard levels are much bigger than this game's. Now, THE GRAPHICS ABSOLUTELY SUCK! Why are people not picking up on this!? They weren't even designed to be true HD! Only 2 or 3 levels actually looked good. I saw jaggies (big ones) on almost every level! I do not see jaggies everywhere on GRAW2, I don't see any! This game has been in the works so much longer than GRAW2 and it can't even live up to a game that was designed faster, and came out almost half a year ago! The graphics are the most obvious sign something is wrong when people are saying this is the game of the millennium or whatever. What were the Bungie developers doing all this time!? Laughing at we fools that got this game! They knew this game would sell no matter what. It's like Paul McCartney recording the sound of him taking a crap, Rolling Stone will give it high critical acclaim. Some things are made out to be much more than they really are; and this game is one of them. It really disappoints me since I traded in my PS2 to wait for the first xbox to come out, so I could get this game that looked cool called "Halo:Combat Evolved:" People that bought halo, if you didn't like the game, admit it, don't be a loser trying to fit in by agreeing with some moron that doesn't know jack. Take it easy to all, Cheers!