The third game of a franchise should have more than just MUCH better graphics

User Rating: 6 | Halo 3 X360
Don't get me wrong, graphically this game looks fantastic. But you take away that and you have a game that hasn't improved much since the original.

The campaign is short, and as shown in my ratings the 10 hours or less are all I needed to complete the campaign and sample the new multi-player levels.

I can't say I was really impressed. I can't say I was unimpressed. The campaign levels were shorter which was nice considering the repetitive length of the previous two campaigns, but at the same time they didn't feel original. The final level of Halo 3 felt like the final level of Halo. The story is wrapped up, but pretty predictable.

The multi-player doesn't feel like there's anything new, just more of the same. And do not get me wrong, Halo's multi-player throughout the series has been solid, but nothing has really been improved or been added since the first Halo, which still has the best multi-player in my opinion.

All in all Halo 3 is a solid game that "finishes it's fight" with a decent standing. Why the low score? Well in terms of innovation and groundbreaking play, Halo 3 is not much different than the original Halo 1 or 2. Nothing has changed since the first game, it's been just the same-old same old. And nothing is wrong with doing the same thing over when that thing is good, but don't expect a good score from me when the graphics are the only improvement.