the campaign revives much of the great gameplay of Halo 1 and features superior graphics and refined gameplay!

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo 3 X360
I remember always preferring Halo's campaign to that of Halo 2 for the reason that the latter always seemed to drag you and spoonfeed the story. I was especially annoyed by how most of the environments in Halo 2 were either urban cities or corridors, and hardly any free-roaming driving sequences. In all Halo 2 seemed very gimmicky and mainstream compared to its predeccessor. Thus the depth of Halo kept me playing it for the most part. I can finally say that the experience of the first Halo is successfully conveyed here. While the first parts of the game would dreadfully mislead one to think that this would be another FPS on rails, Halo 3 unveils itself slowly to be the engaging game that it is. To be honest, if you really want to enjoy this game you should start off on setting the difficulty to Hard. This makes the whole affair against Brutes very enjoyable because sometimes fights can get drawn out and it forces you to be aggressive. I especially like the challenging AI in the form of the Brutes, in the way that Brutes don't just stand there dumbfounded when you throw a grenade or launch any other slow moving projectile. The Brutes are especially an interesting new villain in the story, I love the variety and hiearchy that they come in. In one instance I was so outnumbered that it was a real matter of attrition to try to overcome them, especially those with heavy plasma launchers. The grandiosity of Halo 2 is still here, but now there's a relevance to it in Halo 3, and it's not just trying to push you along as part of the storyline. I'm not going to say what because that would just spoil it for you. Graphics would be vaguely similar to Halo 2, the resolution in some areas are a little off, but the textural detail is just excrutiating and the framerate is just perfect. Seeing Master Chief in 360 next-gen graphics is just superb. The armor and specular detail is on par with Oblivion The colors are very vibrant. The sound FX, especially the familar explosions are music to my ears. The environments are also very fleshed out, there are objects that can move and be pushed about so they're more than just static geometry. The best part about it is that once you drive you get to drive in an actual landscape rather than just on a highway, similar to the first Halo. The best part of Halo 3's campaign happens to be the Theater lobby, it's just more than just an extra feature pasted on post game, it actually boosts the cinematic quality of the campaign, being able to see all things from a 360 perspective, and you get to see Master chief and a Brute in all their shining glory!!! This is a great addition to my console.