same old same old, the first halo was already dated for its time. now its the same thing years later.

User Rating: 8 | Halo 3 X360
Coming from a PC gamer, the halo series is just a passable first person shooter. I have not played the multiplayer portion as i dont have xbox live. Im sure if i want to play multiplayer i would go play css or team fortress 2 because they are made for multiplayer. The campagin so far is alright. i am about 5 levels in. It just feels like the games just constantly throwing enemies at you for no logical reason. Graphics are improved. Old timers would be glad to see all the halo characters, weapons and vehicles done with more details. But its nothing to be amazed about. Also it has a rough feel to it like there are obvious jaggles. This game is purely a FPS and to me its not really a good thing, kinda reminds me of serious sam lol. Now the good thing is that it has a great presentation. menus, hud, the whole halo feel is pretty authentic, if not getting old already. All in all its an alright FPS and worth the rent just to find out the story and some sort of entertainment. If u want multiplayer and u dont have a good PC then its a buy from what i have heard