The son of multiplayer (Father is Goldeneye)

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo 3 X360
I would say that this game is the pioneer of multiplayer, but i would be lying, as GoldenEye is the real Father. Though if GoldenEye is the father, then Halo 3 is the proud son. This game not only has an insane replay value (that's if you have live), but also has the best gameplay period. Some say well Call of Duty's better. First off call of duty is a good game (Why can't people like both, i do) when it comes to realistic conmbat, but that's about it. Also that darn frag perk makes it a bit too easy for people to kill you once you start (More of this on my Call of Duty Review). Honestly i don't have to say anymore b/c we all know what Halo is and how bad ass it is. I mean if you don't like the game then leave it alone but stop talking crap about it as if the game is horrible (you know the truth)