Its a good game, but dont be blinded by the fact its Halo, you need Xbox Live to really maximize your gaming experience

User Rating: 8.5 | Halo 3 X360
Halo is regarded by many as one of the best FPS's in the history of video gaming. No doubt they are very good but Halo 3 has spent a lot more effort bettering its multiplayer interface than its campaign and storyline, i mean to say that compared to its prequels the base single player part of the game is inferior to its other games.

its graphics are significantly better then that Halo 1 and 2.

Of course its sound it the same.

These things above are what people look at, because its Halo its automatically perfect and 'zomg it looks so good''

But do you think that the story, and campaign are worse, and not only that, but even on legendary it isnt that hard, while the multiplayer is very good, its fun, doesnt lag much and always has opponents for you to play, if you dont have Xbox live, and there fore dont have access to the online multiplayer, you are left with a game that while having regular split screen, or LAN multiplayer, is restricted to a mediocre campaign and a less prominent story line.

Its a good game, i dont hate it, i like it, but seriously it isnt almost perfect or perfect as people make it out to be.
If the incredibly slim chance of a Halo 4 is released, for people who dont have Xbox Live, they should make the Campaign longer and make more extra's.