Reason I actually bought my 360

User Rating: 10 | Halo 3 X360

This was the reason to buy a Xbox-360 from 2007-2011(Halo 4 came along then the halo 3 survivors few end and went to be a reach survivor) Just the campaign was the greatest of it's genre and time(I would argue to say still is) You got to play as the Master Chief and Arbiter. You fought the flood and the covenant with new vehicles and mechanics. The multiplayer could be competitive or for a laugh (Griffball action sack) People would actually be eager to win and blood thirsty so they would rank up to 50. They would be late for other activities just to finish that tied up CTF overtime. People would buy all the dlc. People would play to get the achievements leading to the cool armour. If you wear the Recon helmet people would be scared without even playing yet because it took skill to achieve it. The forge? Biggest step up in gaming! You could make your own maps damnit! Your team would never betray or be a dick so they stay in the game win and rank up. Every day the smallest amount in a game mode would be 5000 most of the days higher.You could make friends by talking through mic and playing a few games together! You would die for your allies. GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME RIGHT HERE