Good game with many flaws.

User Rating: 8.4 | Halo 2 XBOX
I waited a while to write this. wanted to play everything first then write a review not simply a reaction of excitement, or first feeling but a review of knowlege.

And after playing many hours trying again and again to get into the rythem, I must say that Halo2 is just not as fun or good as Halo.

This game is good don't get me wrong. It has it's moments of fun great fun but OVERALL it just does not feel right.

First, Halo worked great with identifying friend and FOE. SO why did they change it??? NOw it is just fustrating at times. I have shot friend and not shot foe until I saw their colors which at times just pops in only when you are right on them. Coming into a room quickly with one foe and a friend can lead to both being shot. Unlike in Halo where this was not the case. GREEN which was clear from far or close meant frind, and Red far or near ment foe.

Second, the radar you would think they would improve with more levels of hight in this game but no the radar for the most part does not help. I perfer it off but online (unless created a game with friends) this is never an option.

Third, as stated I have been waiting for live for quite some time, and to play on live now I though it was worth it. Halo online great, ... but it was not the case. Halo2 online SUCKS IF YOU DO NOT PLAY WITH FRIENDS!!!!! I have played Crimsons Skies and thougt Halo2 would be a lot better. BUT IT IS NOT!!! You can not pick a game with specific game settings to join optimatch, or creat your own game and leave it open so people can join in.

Forth with all the signals and everything on screen it is just clutterd.

Even with all this neg. comment Halo2 is a good game. I love that you can have 4 people play at one time. which keeps me playing with friends here. If I am alone I play SW: Battlefront. or several other games.

After updating my score it is better now That I have gotten more use to it. Thats because my friends want to play more than myself. But stil it is a good game.