greatest game on original xbox, only orininal and Kotor being second to it.

User Rating: 9.9 | Halo 2 XBOX
shooting aliens, killing aliens, taking alien weapons, sticking sticky grenades on alines and watching them run around like little scared girlscouts, just awsome.
hehehe, little girlscout aliens.
any, its a game anyone of any age can enjoy.
if you have never played this, your missing out on one of the greatest games of all time.
if there are any questions, you will be killed by better people online.
great game, awsome weapons (especailly the energy swords and the needlers.).
if you don't have this game, buy it now!
heres the point, if you play this and are good,l you will know what to do in case of a alien attack in real life, which is the learning curve.)