very fun, good graphics, perfect gameplay

User Rating: 10 | Halo 2 XBOX
this game is very fun but has just a few glitches. it's very good controls for the game.
1st person shooter and has a very good storyline! it is very good game i would rate it prime, and i think it is the best game that has been made on the xbox. the multiplayer is fabulous too.

the good things about it is that it's got a fabulous storyline and is magnificently fun to play.

there is only a few bad things about this game though there is few glitches the computer players are dumb and there is bad voice acting but besides that it's the perfect game it's easy to play and the difficulty settings are perfect i think this game is the perfect game for any beginner of a console. the game is one of the first halo's and one of the best. the graphic are fantastic.

it's got the perfect storyline and has a very good multiplayer mode it also has cooperative and split screen. there's maps with the split screen it's got a fair amount of levels to.