A watershed in the FPS genre

User Rating: 9 | Half-Life PC
Half-Life is one of the most important games of the history, mainly of Genero FPS, Valve began with everything, the game revolutionized the genre, did innovating things, like the physics in the games, where it was something inesistente, for many Quake and Doom are more I do not think that Half-Life was more important to FPS, even if we recognize Quake and Doom, the game has a great story, we play in the role of Gordon Freeman, who works at Black Mesa, after experiments, an accident happens, And opens an Earth Portal to the known dimension Xen, and the Black Mesa Complex is invaded by the Alien, and our goal is to get out of the way, on the way we face various types of aliens, the difficulty is good, the times are very difficult, the Gameplay flows well, the way the plot develops is very good, the game is very intriguing, and makes you stay more and more connected with the story, the graphics are very good for the time, the last Boss of the game is a little Easy, and jogabilli Is good, and of course we have many theories around the game, and the big question after the game's end is, who is GMan? Will we know the answer in a possible Half-Life 3? Will take. Note 90