Blue Shift doesn't really offer anything new and refreshing, but it's still worth playing by Half Life fans.

User Rating: 7.5 | Half-Life: Blue Shift PC

-same great gameplay
-a couple new weapons (e.g. M16)
-cool experiencing the first Half Life through a different perspective
-same mysteriously intriguing story
-some tweaks that improve minor annoyances over the first game (e.g. health dispenser restores health faster, etc.)
-texture pack offers slightly improved graphics


-ordering people to follow you can be frustrating
-kind of short
-a bit easy


Despite its short length, Blue Shift continues to offer the same great gameplay from the past two Half Life installments. However, it doesn't really offer anything new and refreshing, but Half Life lovers should be able to enjoy this final piece in the "Half Life 1 Trilogy".

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