People shut up about the game.

User Rating: 7 | Half-Life 2 PC
When this game came out 7 years out ago...yeah it was amazing..but now it is 2011 and people won't shut up about it I mean nowadays there has been billions of shooters that better this formula and people still don't shut up about HL2...yeah it was amazing at the time but it is 2011 this game is just average.
Graphics 6.5...nowadays the graphics aren't amazing at all even COD has better graphics nowadays than this game..sorry for being harsh.

Gameplay: yeah it is still okay today

Characters: Some are memorable but sometimes I completely forget they exist.

People shut up about it this game is just like Goldeneye. Yeah at the time it was amazing but now it's just average and Steam itself I don't care for I can't believe how much that thing just crashes and crashes and crashes. So please talk about something else I know it was great at the time but now times have changed 7.0 back then it would have been a 9.0 but now times have changed and to me it's just average. I like this game but the hype is just annoying nowadays.