This Unique Monster of a game,,Best Thrill i've ever had

User Rating: 9 | Half-Life 2 PC
Gordon my man is back for this sequel ,of a clever brilliant artistic game,,which was the first game also this one.not much has changed from a personality,enemy,or friendly perspective,other than that sir gordon meets up with this over the top friendly new companion chick,,Dr and Barney has gone insane for some reason and gordons enemy is at all costs the same,well now onto the game itself:

+ Nice camera(angle) and controls,,clever artistic futuristic game,,beautiful designed eniviroments to explore and all areas and levels,,are breathtaking,,even more than breathtaking,cuz the ghraphics and how chrunchy they are.almosts feel like ur in the game yourself,is how good this game really it better than hl1,no,,but not far behind,,the ai and shooting is just right,,the difficult level is also just right,i thought this game was going to be boring and straightforward but it wasnt by far,enemies are quiete interesting,and many diff zombie types,pretty cool all the enemiez,,puzzles oh yes,so nice to shoot with all the weapons except the msg/mp5,,:P haha,

- could have trowned in some more stuff,,little boring in the middle and straighforward,,with the same routine,,some dumb puzzles,,pretty linear,,but mostly good one's,,

,its not an easy game even if u get to kill al the enemies.. ufeel the thrill of whats going to happend next.good sign of a good game,

conlusion best thrill i've ever had

ps: i playd this several years ago:!:D

good luck lutenant

But it's missing something i can'tquite put my finger on,,