One of the best computer games of all time

User Rating: 9 | Half-Life 2 PC
Gordon freeman is infamous for being involved with top secret experiments all the way back to Black Mesa from Half Life 1. At the time of the release the graphics were top quality and the concept of the story was incredible, and even to this day new mods and another expansion to the games story are being released. I was sucked in and keep going back to play this game every once in a while just to be amused still about its qualities.

This was one of the original games before a lot of the new ideas started flying around. Action scenes are placed in key sections of the story and the characters make you feel like this is actually happening. The only real downside to this game is that it ends and like all games needs a good ending to leave an everlasting impression about this game series.

Running around places with weapons of awesome kick to them make combat more fun including some nice little enemy weapons that range from attack helicopters that drop smart bombs and spinning blades that can fit through the small underground tunnels which almost seem like home to Freeman after the first mission of trying to escape the city.

The first run through of the entire game gives a understanding of the overall story and feel for it but it wasn't until the second or even the third that I realized how amazing this game really was to still be interesting and exciting after already playing through it and knowing what will happen. Games like these are a rare bunch and when they are found they should not be forgotten, so that is why I will always talk about this game and recommend it anytime someone is looking for a good classic game.