The story here will pull you in, never to loosen your grip. Gameplay and Physics help to make this story come to life.

User Rating: 10 | Half-Life 2 PC
The Graphics of this 2004, PC / Xbox (In orange box versions case PS3 / XBOX360) are still good enough to seem like a game from 2009, the story is a never dulling, exiting, magic filled, mysterious, compelling Sci Fi arc that will never cease to amaze you. The sheer power of the Story telling shows you, that Valve, they can tell stories. The Plot of these games is on Par with the cinematic stories of Metal Gear Solid, this is the only game that can even rival it storywise. Half Life 2, and every Half Life game ever created will bring you on a journey, where you forget it's a game, you experience it, when you play this game, you become Freeman, that's how immersive this beautiful story telling master piece is. You'll begin to care as the seemingly real characters, storys, and enemies and allies, prove to be more than just Pixalated Animations, there characters in a amazing story, that'll make you forget they're animations, but make you actually feel emotions with them. The Physics, Gameplay, Diffuculty, and overwhelmingly great story, will make you NEVER put this down.