One of the best games ever invented.

User Rating: 10 | Half-Life 2 PC
VALVE software have designed many awesome and outstanding games in the past like counter strike, team fortress 2 and so on and so on, but this game is absolutely brilliant. It features one of the best known game stories in the world, the best known gaming engine and has the most amount of gaming mods on the internet. Half life 2 is probably about less than ten pounds on steam now and that's a fab price for anyone who likes first person shooters i mean come on take a break from call of duty and play the better game. Half life 2 features fantastic characters such as Alex, the combine and Gordon freeman. The story continues in the next two episodes as well so there is so many hours of playing this game. So, on the whole this game is so good it will make you laugh, cry and eventually be so happy you'll want to play it all other again. The setting is brilliant, ravenhole, combine areas are fantastically made. Also there is hl2 deathmatch if you completed the game. Buy this game with gmod or no gmod now!