Great second part of blockbuster, which remain high level of quality with some minor glitches.

User Rating: 9.5 | Half-Life 2 PC
Half Life was great hit even before its publishing thank to huge success of its precursor. My opinion is that HL2 is great game with everything what makes superb game inside: good story, fun game-play, interesting and various enemies, graphic (it's not so great in today standards, but in time it was published it was top), and atmosphere which immerse player in HL2 world. It is not brainless shooter, but game where player need to think and plan actions, which is something I like in games. In most situation you can find better way to deal with enemies than charge with gun.
There are some minor issues. My biggest objection is way in which was implemented interaction with squad members in some parts of the game. I wish there is more options here and one or two times I were stuck in small room because they blocked door and only way to continue was to reload a previous save. Also I didn't like so much vehicles, which you use in probably half of the game. Maybe someone will find this fun, but when in vehicle I was always wait to get rid of it, and generally prefer parts which play as a pedestrian. This are minor things compared to whole experience HL2 offers to player.