best FPS ever, if your smart enough.....

User Rating: 9.7 | Half-Life 2 PC
my initail impressions were pretty good, you start with a little intro then into a hitler based city called "City 17" and you really go from there.
you are gordon freeman, so expect the unexpected.
the game itself is ran by the source engine, which in my opinion is THE best engine in the world which gives everything substance and things you could do in the real world, you can do with the source engine.
this makes for some hilarious killings but i havent had that many so i couldnt tell you about them.
the stroy is what makes this game tick over. it is really deep and will keep you on the egde right till the last minute.
the guns arnt what you call super but when you get the gravity gun its a godsend. graphics are good and gameplay is the best around
i cant explain it further, you must go and buy it NOW.

bit of a sidenote but, hlaf life 2 cannot be ran without steam, an online service which gives you all info about steam and other things like downloads but you must be online to be able to get steam, and steam needs to be online to install HL2, so you need broadband but if you dont already you are going to find this a bad experience.