THe best pc game ever.

User Rating: 9.5 | Half-Life 2 PC
Half life 2 is not only a game . It's a game that we can spend our life in it .
graphic , physics , and game play are amazing . enemy Ai is a bit stupid . sometime enemies instead of covering , attack you and try to to kill you with melee attacks and that's why the game is a bit easy . first 5 chapters are not that much of an amazing game but after highway 17 the game shows off its real potential and after highway 17 it can be called : one of the best pc games ever .
enemy Ai causes the game to be very easy untill the invasion of huge tall striders around citadel . and the last part of the game is something silly that i wish it hadn't been in the game ... your gravity gun turns into a monster that can pick up anything and throw them .all of us know that the last chapters oof all games should be hard and challenging but in half life 2 (last chapter) there is nothing that we can call a difficult challenge .