I am so dissapointed that Gamespot gave HL2 a lower rating than HALO 2

User Rating: 9.8 | Half-Life 2 PC
I woke up this morning to a splash screen on my computer that said... HL 2.... now playing. I was giddy with excitement to say the least. I dont even have the best system for this game as I have been anxiously awaiting this release. I have also anxiously awaited some money to build a new machine. Suffice to say the game runs fine on my machine in a 1024x768 with medium settings. I am running an ecs motherboard so old it would make baby jesus cry. System AMD 1.6 DURON 256 megs of no name pc2700. 200 gig western digital caviar drive. 64MB Raedon 8500 <--- enjoy