Believe the hype, HL2 is the most greatest gaming momment on PC since HL. [UPDATED: with DM impressions.]

User Rating: 9.2 | Half-Life 2 PC
Dissapointed by the GS review? - don't be. The game is simply astounding. It sets a benchmark in physical gameplay, next-gen graphics and atmosphere. The atmosphere in the game is just mind blowing. The A.I. is actually very good, don't listen to the rumours of it being "crap". It's as competent as it gets. The story is actually very good, and the ending is....enigmatic. Simply put - hl2 is a must buy, product. This is not only the best PC FPS since hl, but it is "THE" best pc fps to date. Amazing technology, the source engine writes a chapter for the furture for gaming. You have to buy this game. The game includes cobbled together DM, that while may feel rushed, is actually quite fun and has astounding possibilites.