Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Cheats For PC

  1. Console Commands

    Enter in-game in the console. To ativate console, go to options, Keyboard, Advanced, Enable Developer Console.

    Effect Effect
    sv_cheats 1 Activates cheats
    notarget Enemies do not target you
    noclip Fly through walls
    give weapon_rpg Give RPG
    give weapon_357 Gives .357 magnum
    impulse 101 Gives all weapons and full ammo
    give weapon_alyxgun Gives Alyxs Gun
    give weapon_crossbow Gives Crossbow
    give weapon_crowbar Gives crowbar
    give weapon_physcannon Gives Gravity Gun
    give weapon_frag Gives grenades
    give weapon_annabelle Gives Grigoris gun
    npc_create_equipment weapon_357 Gives npc a .357 magnum when spawned (valid for Civil Protection and Citizens)
    npc_create_equipment weapon_pistol Gives npc a pistol when spawned (valid for Civil Protection and Citizens)
    give weapon_bugbait Gives Pheropods (will not make antlions on your side)
    give weapon_pistol Gives pistol
    give weapon_ar2 Gives Pulse Rifle
    give weapon_shotgun Gives shotgun
    give weapon_smg1 Gives SMG
    god Invincible
    npc_create npc_alyx Spawns Alyx
    npc_create npc_antlion Spawns Antlion
    npc_create npc_antlionguard Spawns Antlion Guard
    npc_create npc_barney Spawns Barney
    npc_create npc_cscanner Spawns City Scanner
    npc_create npc_metropolice Spawns Civil Protection
    npc_create npc_crow Spawns Crow
    npc_create npc_combinedropship Spawns Dropship
    npc_create npc_eli Spawns Eli
    npc_create npc_headcrab_fast Spawns Fast Headcrab
    npc_create npc_fastzombie Spawns Fast Zombie
    npc_create npc_combinegunship Spawns Gunship
    npc_create npc_headcrab Spawns Headcrab
    npc_create npc_zombie Spawns Headcrab Zombie
    npc_create npc_zombie_torso Spawns Headcrab Zombie Torso
    npc_create npc_helicopter Spawns Hunter-Chopper
    npc_create npc_Kleiner Spawns Isaac Kleiner
    npc_create npc_sniper Spawns Overwatch Sniper
    npc_create npc_combine_s Spawns Overwatch Soldier
    npc_create npc_pigeon Spawns Pigeon
    npc_create npc_headcrab_black Spawns Poison Headcrab
    npc_create npc_headcrab_poison Spawns Poison Headcrab
    npc_create npc_poisonzombie Spawns Poison Zombie
    npc_create npc_citizen Spawns Resistace member/citizen/Refugee depending on what chapter
    npc_create npc_seagull Spawns Seagull
    npc_create npc_clawscanner Spawns Shield Scanner
    npc_create npc_strider Spawns Strider (use noclip to get up to striders height)
    npc_create_equipment weapon_rpg Valid for Citizens
    npc_create_equipment weapon_smg1 Valid for Civil Protection, Overwatch Soliders and Citizens
    npc_create_equipment weapon_shotgun Valid for Overwatch Soldiers, Citizens and Alyx
    npc_create_equipment weapon_ar2 Valid for Overwatch Soldiers, Citizens, Alyx and Barney

    Contributed by: donovanjcharlie 

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