Great game,. Too short, though.

User Rating: 9 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
I replayed it in order to write a review. i played it years ago and now I needed to remember. Well, you and Alyx must escape City 17 at all costs. In order to do it, you must fight your way through zombies, mutants, antilions and ,naturally, Combine soldiers. Alyx proves to be a great companion and is helpful all the way. I must say i enjoyed the music a lot. The enemies are the ones from the Half-Life 2 game, with some newer ones. It worked flawlessly and I must say I loved the graphics which looks good even after all these years. There are some intense firefights, but I think Episode 1 is too short and in a way too easy. Only the final Stryder gave me trouble. The rest of the enemies are easily taken down. The game finishes when you escape City 17 and I shall play Episode 2 in order to give you a new review. Overall a good game, but too short.