This Game barely shows any of the Lost Coast effects plus no 64 version, going thru bugs and combine plus super-dehuman

User Rating: 4.9 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
This game has you going thru bugs at a time then the combine soldiers at a time,,barely fightin each other..this game does look like a super trooper spin off with the gestapo and super-dehumans left from torture servin a higher power...very wierd , hate those bugs and the head whats left is the graphics which werent even showed off,,plus no 64 version,,This is DUBBED "The Lost Episode"

The sound sux cant ever hear what my sidekick is sayin , the best I can get is after I figure the side game puzzle...Valve gave us a preview of the next episode at the end which did look appealing, but no sign of the Lost Coast reminense