Good HL2 gameplay, over before you know it! :(

User Rating: 8.3 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
The Half-Life series are some of the best games I've ever played. They have a good story, good gameplay, and they always leaving you wanting more. This is why when Half-Life 2 Episode One came out, I was so psyched to start playing it. When I did start, it did not let me down, beginning right where Half-Life 2 left off. However, they do not explain the story nearly as good as when Half-Life 1 transitioned to Half-Life 2. I could not wait to see how Alyx and Gordon managed to get out of the Citadel safely, and when it showed me how, I was thinking what the heck just happened. Then from there, you just keep running and gunning down enemies, with gameplay that isn't too original. Most of the game is looking for the power supply, and unlocking the door to get to the next section. I have to say it was pretty fun, and I had a good time playing it, but the ending was what really made me pretty angry at the game. I had no idea that the game was over when all of a sudden, the credits started rolling. It completly took me by surprise. The game had virtually no ending, just like Half-Life 2.

The questions I wanted answered from Half-Life 2 were not revealed. For example, G-Man is barely even a part of this game. He makes one appearence and says one thing. The game leaves you hanging just as bad as Half-Life 2 also. All in all the game was good and I enjoyed it, but to get the answers I want, I now have to wait at least until the end of this year, and if they aren't answered then, then I have to wait until Christmas 2007! If you want to play some more of that HL2 gameplay I would reccommend this but only if you have nothing to do that day you buy it. I beat the game all in one day, in two sittings.