Worth the $20 bucks, but wish it was longer.

User Rating: 9.6 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
Dont get me wrong, i think the $20 was worth every penny for this game, but it is like the game is so great that you want more. The game is actually more fun than the origional half-life 2 which,for the past 18 months, i thought was impossible. it has the same base gameplay, same great physics, same great characters, same great enemies (with some additions), and the most amazing level design i think i have ever seen in a game. Everything from the puzzles to the zombie placement is perfect. To add to what are some of the best graphics in a game (hl2 as of 2004), they added an amazing lighting system to rival the doom 3 engine. the levels in the dark are amazingly responsive to the emergency flares and your flashlight. The levels are amazing and the environments are great. the puzzles are fun and not too hard to have to repeat if you do mess up. there is a part with an elevator where there is garbage and pices of building falling where you have to use the gravity gun to your advantage. The puzzle took me about 5 deaths to really figure out but it was even fun to die. The game includes the SLAM which was added to half-life 2 deathmatch which is a lazer trip mine. To anyone who played the origional half-life, you will probably remember the puzzles with lazer trip mines, now they are back. anyone who played half-life 2 should get it. the only problem is that no new multyplayer was added.