Dissapointingly short but an excellent addition to an legendary franchise

User Rating: 9.7 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
First things first, yes Half-life 2 episode 1 is SHORT for the traditional scope of an expantion pack. and like me the ending is too soon and thats whats dissapointing. Half-life 2 episode 1 had a lot to live up to, especially to the major sucsess of Half-life 2 and the many new releases through steam-valve's software download app. And episode 1 lives up to that. it delivers more of what made Half life 2 great and improved slightly with HDR lighting and the various new character models and intelegence of both humans and combine alike. the AI improvements are minimal but as the AI on Half-life 2 was top notch there was little to improve on. but now characters respond to specific events with language which is a nice touch. and the combine have also evolved slightly. the combine themselves are noticibly tougher than their counterparts in Half-life 2. also the rappelling combine now make any building a potential combat zone. The combine are also now food for the regular headcrabs creating what Alyx calls "ZOMBINE". they are faster than there regular headcrab counterparts and are more deadly with physical attacks and have a nasty habit of running at you in numbers and pulling out grenades and blowing themselves (and you) up. this is annoying but gives more panic than a poison headcrab. and many a time will kill you and Alyx. the enviroments are more beautiful than ever and the amazing scenery you will see will leave you in awe. the enviromental puzzles you saw early on return to great appretiations to those who have played any action game with annoying turn the pictures or align the lights. the enviromental puzzles and enviromental situations are simple but still great moments away from the action and if your new to the series shows a chunk of the amazing source engine . for $20 or £12ish Half life 2 episode 1 is a worthy expantion pack and for price of admition is worth everymoment