An OK job by valve but could have been much more!!!

User Rating: 6.8 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
I am wondering about a few following things.

Why was the game so buggy?
Everyone is complaining about graphic problems over at the valve support forums....

Valve told us almost over a year ago that thsi game was coming and when i played i was plagued with stuttering and graphic bugs.

Makes you wonder what the testing team was doing on the test phases.

here is my review:


Nice graphics as always despite the graphic slowdowns.
Voice acting is still A+
Length of story is not too bad...
Gravity gun and when it is supercharged is awesome best damn thing i have seen in any game ...ever!!!!

Graphic and stuttering bugs.
Repetitive content from half life 2 not much new as far as puzzle went.
Some unbalanced levels.

I positively and never wanna see this game have to sue a flashlight to fight in it...if i wanna play a game with a flashlight i will go play doom or quake and i hate those games anyway.
Never do that again iss dumb and has been done so many times ots not funny.!!!!

This mod feels like it should have been at the end of half life 2 and not as a brand new game because frankly it does not evolve the storyline that much.

Not enuff new content, feels like half life 2 assets were recycled a lot in this new game.

Not enuff dog in the story and some story holes , we see people for a few minutes then thye are gone for the rest of the game and you wonder where they went? Did they blow up with the city or what?

Will have to probably wait forever now to find out what is going on in episode 2.

I will give Valve a thumbs up but i think it feels like star wars deja vu where in the new trilogy the first episode was so so and the rest were much better...