Episode one is worth playing for the money. Episode one concludes City 17 and it has a refreshing taste to Half life 2.

User Rating: 8.7 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
The game doesn't answer a lot of questions from Half Life 2. It may be possible that Valve didn't make it as intertwining as we originally thought. It is a pretty decent game for twenty dollars though. The difficulty isn't very hard so it shouldn't take more that long to beat the game. Like every review, this game has no vehicles. It could be that they are waiting for the next two games, or maybe they are just scrapping vehicles. The AI seems to be about the same as the original; the only difference is that they can scale walls now which is pretty neat to watch, especially if you can kill them while they are coming down. Most of the characters are back in this game which is both a relief and a little odd. The beginning of the game does manage to show how this could happen but the game leaves it up to the player to decide how some of the characters managed to save themselves from the ending blast of the original. Valve has put its high definition lighting into the game which really helps it to come to life. Alyx is with you for pretty much the whole way and is pretty good at helping you adn doesn't slow you down which is a pretty neat experience. With that, the graphics are a bit better than the original but not terribly different. The settings are a bit familiar with a little twist. It seems that the next game puts you out of City 17. It can be a bummer that your still there but I guess you have to leave the place before you can get to new places. For twenty dollars (or seventeen if you pre-ordered it) this game is pretty good. A little short for the money, yes twenty dollars can be a bit for some people (college) since the game isn’t that long; I clocked in about three and a half to four hours at the normal difficulty setting. Play the game for yourself and leave a message explaining what you thought. Am I more wrong than right? Thanks and happy gaming.