Finally an Intelligent shooter hybrid

User Rating: 9.6 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
Don't think of this game as a 1st person shooter. Yes its 1st person and indeed there is shooting but....this game is so much more that that. There is a great story here and some very clever puzzles. The interaction with environment and other characters is where this game truly shines. U are kind of led gently by the hand through the game whilst feeling you have full freedom, a tall order for any game developer, but Valve have truely pulled it off this time. The story is very central to HL2 and the scriptwriters have done a very good job here. The whole game oozes high production value. Looking at the game as a whole I just wish other developers would learn since this surely is the future of gaming. Yes I know its kinda shortish, but I would much much rather have a shortish game aof this standard than a longer at a lower standard. Don't forget also that the price is lower and we will be getting new installments soon. I can't wait.

James Adams