Awsome continuation to Half Life 2, but a bit too short, and shows a trailer for Episode Two.

User Rating: 9.9 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
Personally, I absolutely loved the continuation of Half Life 2. It was great, and almost flawless, if only it wasn't for the loading times... It was great to get a hold of the HL2 weapons again, and own some Zombines. It was also awesome to play with the Mega Gravity gun, too bad it stole all my armor when it powered down. The game introduced a very interesting way to stop those endless bugs, simply dump a car on top of their hole. Sometimes I had to wait a while before killing the combine, becuase they were trying to kill the zombies and the bugs as well. The two other downs was that I was only about to get about 4-5 hours gameplay, and the teaser of Episode 2. I will be praying that they don't make us wait a year for it again, hopefully it will be released this year, and Episode 3 soon after it. I wonder if all the Episodes put together will be larger than HL2, because they will cost a total of $10 more.

***Spoiler Warning***

They better not make Alex die as it looked like in the teaser!!!!