Smell the life because it is good!

User Rating: 9 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
This half life 2 expansion is more than we wanted it has got fantasy! well more than we expected! This game rocks no matter what but half life 2 will never let us all down and if they do it would be sad... the pressure is on the games is most wanted from all players in the whole world. Maybe the it doesn't add too much stuff in the game but we all apreciate that half life 2: Episode one did success! The game usual gets so fun often you play this wonderful add-on. Since it is on the road there are lods of new things you would find in the game like new weapons perhaps, we would want more guns to kill the enemy and blow them to pieces!!! We all half life 2 fans would love this game and for a fact please turn that rating to a 9 gamespot please it would help us a lot :D.

Maybe some stuff are pretty bad which let us down a bit damn hard, the levels are short and there isn't much to see about the multiplayer content only that we wish that there were more! Yes this isn't just the game that is sometimes bad, maybe every game in the world has at least one bad thing... anyways the game was successful and i hope everyone who gets this game enjoys this game :D