Amazing, Fantastic but a tad short

User Rating: 9.3 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
I’m British and bought the game a few day ago, waited till it was 5mins 12 in the morning to play is, took me 2hours to complete it, but I loved it all, it is a real fantastic part of half life. (Id also like to complain because I wanted to do this when I completed it but couldn’t because I'm guessing it wasn’t out in America then, so I couldn’t -_-)

You start off just after the blast a great place to start and you have a little fun with characters that are around before getting to business. I thought this was a real fun way to get everyone back in the half life game and I did laugh a little. You will also maybe like to know that Alyx starts to show a little more interest in Freeman and along the line we gets nice little bits of quite funny interaction between the 2 people. You also maybe like to know that you stay with her all the way through the game only going off to turn on a light bulb or two.

In this Episode the story evolves quite rapidly (at least I thought it did) telling you what’s going on around the world, and again we find "that the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world". Again, naturally, we get more questions. I seamed to think that the Vortigaunt are not telling us all that they know and I think they will have a little more say in the future. DONT WORRY!! We still see our beloved G-Man! *Phew* He just looks a little angry because well, now that would be telling wouldn’t it.

The only small downer to the game is that it’s short and well a little easy, though some of the challenges are very annoying on your second try you normally pass it with ease, since you know what’s to come. I would have liked to see a little more actions here and there more funny jokes and the relationship between Alyx and Freeman evolve a little further. I say this because in the Episode 2 It looks like something bad happens to Alyx and I cant help but think that if Freeman is human, he going to get lonely on those boring Sunday nights. (You can all see the trailer for episode 2 on its page)

P.S Don’t start pressing Esc and button tapping on your keyboard when you complete it, there is a nice little video at that’s like a small carry on.