This is what the original Half-Life 2 should've been like...

User Rating: 9.2 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
+ Very strong gameplay
+ Great voice cast - yet again
+ Excellent puzzles
+ Still looks amazing with Source
+ Alyx stays with you!

- Yet another cliffhanger...
- Too short for my taste (started with medium difficulty)
- Some parts of the game got pretty darn laggy

Well, episode 1 is finally here... and it was an awesome experience. You can definitely sense a lot of thought were given to this game - as well as many users suggestions. Anyhow, Episode 1 will definitely not dissappoint the HL2 fan folks. I really really enjoyed this first of the trilogy Half-Life episode saga... and the end of the trailer makes me thirst for the 2nd one! It's seriously one of those games where you should just pick up and play it!