A decent game that is a bit short.

User Rating: 8.2 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC
Half life 2 episode one is the much anticipated follow up to Half life 2. In it you continue playing Gordon Freeman as he accompanies Alyx in an attempt to escape city 17. The game is overall a bit short( I finished in about 5 hours ) but it has all the right elements of a decent first person shooter. Not bad for 20 bucks.

- Graphics: Half life 2 is still a nice looking game. The addition of HDR lighting is nice and the game runs surprisingly smooth on middle end video cards. I run HL2 on a Geforce 6800 and I was able to run the game at 1280X1024 with HDR enabled and high settings. However, episode one doesnt quite look as good as many other games that run on newer game technology coming out.

-Sound: The sound is good. Nuff said.

-Gameplay: its the usual Half Life puzzles etc... Their are some irritating jumping puzzles but otherwise its quite enjoyable to run around and whack combine and aliens.

-Overall: a good game for the money but still a bit short. Cliffhanger ending (literally) that leaves you wanting more. Valve is going to make a killing off these episodes but the money is well spent.