HL2 episode one takes what made hl2 good and make it even better than,,but it is over before u know it

User Rating: 8 | Half-Life 2: Episode One PC

hey there;))

hl2 is not drasticly different from HL2,,

but its makes for a good game because it makes it even better,,

resoultions seems better,,graphics seems to be even stronger,,its seems more smooth,,and the game just runs better overall;),,hell even textures seems better,,more smooth and better looking;)

i like this continue of the story and a new take on it,,there are some new twists and things in this game,,like better lighting and surrounding effects,,

and the sounds effects are just amazing;),,it takes what made hl2 good in the first place and makes it even stronger in many aspects,,.

camera,,menues etc are all nice,,aswell as cutscenes,voice acting,actors,shader models and shadows,,top-notch

there are no cars in this,,makes it even more fun and interesting,,

puzzles are nice as always and ca nbe ocatinally challinging is ep1,,great work and stuff;),,

the bad ; sometimes the game just framerate drops,,sometimes camreta is tricky,,but mostly just fine;),,,,- very short,,- but i guess an ep is an episode;pp

enemy ai seems even stronger in this,,level desing good as always;),,

awesome locals,,intersting,,dialogs makes this ep,,very good