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Episode free gems is awesome feature for many players. Now you can make use of episode cheats 2020 to enable episode free passes and free gems features instantly without human verification! This is the only working episode game cheat code so far for iOS. You just need to launch this actual working episode cheat engine during your game play then the free gems and passes features will auto on!

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Episode game is a mobile app set for interactive, pocket gemstone company development. The game was launched in 2014. Pass is a noteworthy game feature and is used to read an episode of the story. They can use it in different packages, buy software in an application instantly, pass it three times every four hours for free, or find a user code in the application.

In earlier versions of epsiode, passes were provided to individual stories separately. While waiting for more campus infatuation passes, if you have one, you can play in real Hollywood. In recent updates, all passes are shared through stories, and you can only play one at a time before you wait, unless you buy them for real money in the game.

This episode includes IAP, and you can use the money on your iTunes account to buy a fast pass. These passes have different packages and prices, as shown below.

Episode free passess

At present, unlike other games, video viewing or offering features cannot get a free pass on the app without buying more games, but this idea may be implemented soon. There are only two legal ways to get a pass for free.

Wait four hours for your pass to regenerate into three or more.

Play the story of the latest new episode. This will give you an extra pass so you can experience the beginning of a new chapter.

Trade and enter codes from other users online and on social networks. At present, however, there is a small problem that prevents some people from entering other users' codes.

Players who are upset need to wait for more passes. For some players, there's a big glitch, allowing some players to get two episodes every two hours, while for most other players it's four or three passes.

This app gets a lot of low ratings on Google play and app stores. I don't know if this waiting time will decrease.