Broken promising title

User Rating: 6 | Gunz The Duel PC
GunZ is one of the greatest concepts of a third person shooter with a few elements of The Matrix. Dashing around and defying gravity by running along walls to attack or evade from enemies was a great idea that has made this game shine. The controls are simple yet some of the moves take time to master, it's both fun for novice gamers along with some tricky moves that can be tough to perform even without bullets flying all around you.

The graphics are pretty, maybe not the best character designs but you're distracted by all the bright colors. All the levels are fun to explore as well. The artwork found around this game is also done very well.

They also have several fun weapons and clothes to customize your character. Don't let the title fool you, they have anything from a dagger or sword to shotguns, grenades, and even rocket launchers to keep your trigger finger happy.

So why haven't you heard of this game? Sadly, the developers stopped patching the game after it went public.

The glitches in the game have become standard moves for the majority of the community. The several bugs became popular for the elite players and have never been patched properly. This has driven away most of the new players, who quickly lose interest in the game and feel that players exploit all the bugs.

Of course, this game is also plagued with hackers. I'm not sure if you could classify a few players who use programs to press different variations of buttons to trigger glitches, but it's clear that this game still needs much more work.

When you begin this game and battle against new players, it's a ton of fun. There's just a point where your opponent starts to fly around, sticking to walls and reaching areas of the map that shouldn't be possible when you question if it's really worth the time to even attempt those moves.

I get the feeling that the designers got lazy, or thought the glitches were a good addition. They can be done with a combination of jumping, dashing, slashing your sword, blocking, and repeating this process to trigger these moves. There's just a point where you don't feel like developing carpal tunnel or breaking your keyboard just to look cool.

If you can't master several of the glitches you'll find yourself helpless against most opponents, and it simply isn't fun. There is also an issue with connections, which isn't too bad for you but it can cause headaches and confusion.

Some of the cooler items cost actual money to purchase, but it wouldn't be recommended because these games tend to be here one day then disappear the next. They have all sorts of great free items in this game to keep everyone happy.

This game is currently free, and it would be nice to see them try to fix everything properly. If a few of the bugs were fixed I could see this game catching the interest of Team Fortress 2 fans. It still has potential, and it's worth a try.

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