Either your'e a Pro, or you just don't have the gunts!

User Rating: 10 | Gunz The Duel PC
This game is only for the best, (if you don't learn to play it from the start, you might never get the hang of this game) I played this game for almost four years, and I still don't think I can call my self a Pro.
A Pro is someone who is the top, one of the best, fastest players you ever see on the game, it's real hard work putting all that skill and power into a combination. Many people that have started out like a year ago, call them selves "Pros" even though they don't even "go with the flow" (It doesn't mean that you fight and see what happens, it means that you know what to do), its a style of playing. Most people know it as the K-Style, some are learning it. It's really hard, K-Style is a very hard thing to handle, I learned a minor part of it in at least half of my whole playing time, it takes lots of skill and speed for it to work.