Created by MAIET Entertainment and destroyed by ijji. A good game gone bad.

User Rating: 4.5 | Gunz The Duel PC
The player could move their character around a 3D area with speed, style and grace. The way in which you could move and swing a sword became fun fairly quickly. So after a few rounds and a loads of bullets fired you could move on and up through levels which was very much the same. Each upgrade was exactly the same, the dynamics of the game suddenly seemed very poor and depth began to disappear. The sound and graphics were good, but this alone does not make a good game.

In an instant the clan in which I play internet games with began to find the game boring. In fact, there was no depth and it took a long time for such add'ons of quest mode. By then the game had been transferred to a company called ijji who decided to introduce other aspects. The changing of the login so you have to log in through a browser window which in turn present their G-coin system. A place where you had to spend real money to get other items for a game which started to breakdown with system problems.

(The login will want to load up Internet Explorer even if this isn't your default browser which is a problem in it's self!)

Hackers where able to create a godmode, admins didn't seem to exist inside the system. This was in tow with Denial of Service attacks led to system failures. Along with bugs here and there, players unable to log in to the game led to a massive drop in the community.

I would have to say a good game broke in the hands of ijji!