Decent 3rd person shooter/hack n slash

User Rating: 7 | Gunz The Duel PC
You can carry a gun and a sword in the game.The pretty sweet thing of the game is that you can run across walls,run up walls and stuff.Making it pretty Matrix like.However instead of doing that,people in the game made use of loopholes in the data to form another bunch of "skills".Such as slashing on the wall to make you climb the wall again and again without falling.Slashing the wall to fly around corners and back again while shooting.Using to sword to fly around the enemy to slash them again and again.Despite it having such faults,it made the game interesting instead.However it requires lots of time and effort on the mouse and keyboard to actually master these player made skills.The flaws lies in the Single Player.Monsters are usually not so unique and difficult==========================================================================================================================================================================