The game that separates the men from the boys.

User Rating: 7 | Gunz The Duel PC
Gunz is a massive multiplayer online third person shooter, popular in Korea and other parts of South East Asia, this game has alot more attention in North America.

Gameplay: 7
Player enter rooms and simply shoot the hell out of one another with an option of weapons you can buy in the item shop. Special game modes allow you to work together to defeat a common foe, the main mode to describe the main modes of Teamwork are the Quest and Survival mode. This requires alot of practice, skill and luck. The skill and lucky is where the heart of Gunz gameplay is and those that value it are going to get the most out of guns.

There a good selection of guns and melee weapons, from shotguns, machine guns, pistols, swords, dagger and among others to play around with. Melee weapons have a good moves to play around with and give the game more to play around with.

Moving around is the biggest feature in this game, you get to do 'matrix' style moves, running along walls, backflips forward flips and etc... it's really surreal and really adds alot to the gameplay.

The Quest and Survival modes are the real challenge to see how much effort you'll put into how far into the modes you get, seeing everything is believing and you'll get that feeling of success whenever you'll beat a boss or quest mode during the higher levels. The learning curve is step and this is a turn off to the game, as you'll end up working hard for items and losing them whenever you lose in the quest mode, sometimes getting those back means taking part in another round of a quest and getting lucky to get those items back.

Graphics: 8
The high level textures in the game, make the game worth while playing, it draws out the whole feel to the game, many maps in the game have a good feel about them because of the textures and they are recogizible, considering the game is set in a fantasy world, there no big mushrooms or pink swamp or anything like that which detracts from the game.

The player and NPC models are great and works really well with the game and it worth taking a look if you're interesting, the game hasn't ages a bit, considering it's 7 years old and there still something to see in the games engine.

Audio: 7
The music is just right for fighting, fitting into the imaginary setting, heavy mix of rock, techno, drum beats and etc... all the music has been mixed and worked together for the setting of war and you'll get into for ages, considering the length of the game to get to the higher levels (lvl 40), you'll may want to turn off the music and play MP3s.

The sound is worth while, you'll hear gunshots around corners and fights battles to bullet rounds going off, it does it function.

Community: 6

The community is the biggest part of Gunz, the community runs the whole game, (other then Ijji running the servers), and this point, separates the men from the boys, most of them are teenage males who really want to fight, dont be surprised as this is a shooting game and most of them aren't afraid of calling anyone a noob or sprayer.

Recently the biggest threat are hackers, who tend to enter games and ruin them, which blows, however everyone has the admin power to kick anyone. This can be abused thou, or sometimes they forget that ijji runs the show, this is the biggest concern and really blows the game open. considering it's age, it's the community that has aged alot.

There clan battles aswell and most of which aren't good sports, you're either lucky or unlucky to find or miss a good battle. At the higher levels, you'll end up finding no players at some times of the day and you'll simply end up playing the quest modes instead.

Final: 7
If you wouldn't mind the hackers, cheats and complaining and simply want to get the biggest challenge, the game is right for you, however some may be put off the games length getting to higher levels in the MMO, unless you're really commited and play for months and months, you'll get the most out of it.